Everything You Need to Know About Adding Stonework to Your Backyard

Are you thinking about adding stonework to the landscaping around your house? Stonework, when done in the right way, can transform the look and function of any outdoor space. Introducing stonework in the form of firepits, walkways, patios or other structures can seamlessly pull together all aspects of your landscaping.

Partnering with a landscaping company that is experienced in stonework can relieve you of the stress of design and installation. At the top of stone masonry projects in the GTA is Green Machine, a company that has completed hundreds of unique projects over the past two and half decades. Introducing stonework to your outdoor living space can seem complex, but when you work with an experienced team, the process becomes incredibly simple.

There is a lot that goes into each stonemasonry design. Let’s jump in and go over everything you need to know in order maximize your backyard’s stonework potential.

Structural and Functional Design

While you might have an idea in mind, the actual layout of your stonework can be a little more complicated. A dedicated landscaping design company can help you navigate any underground utilities, irrigation pipes, or other obstructions, while still helping to achieve your vision.

You’ll also have a lot of choice in types of materials and styles:

  • Hardscape Stonework
  • Interlocking Pavers
  • Flagstones
  • Natural Stone
  • Armor Stone
  • Engineered Stone

A knowledgeable contractor in the field of landscaping stonework can help you choose the stone according to its function, so you can get the durability and look you need.

Installation Process

Once your design and materials have been confirmed, the installation process can begin. It moves quickly and efficiently. First, your quality contractor will remove all unnecessary materials from your property for your convenience during the installation process. The installation of the stones themselves will be handled with precision and care, ensuring your path or patio is built to last for generations. When you choose to work with a company like Green Machine, you can rest assured as your final product will be backed by quality warranties.

Professional Maintenance

Every homeowner is pleased when their stonemasonry project turns out exactly as they had in mind, but to keep your masterpiece in tiptop shape, the work won’t stop at project completion. Adding a new feature to your landscaping also means maintaining that feature. When you work with the professionals at Green Machine, you can relax and let them take care of the regular maintenance work with scheduled services.


Although the process of designing and installing professional stonework can seem complex and overwhelming, it becomes simple with the right help and knowledge. It all starts with your vision and functional needs. It doesn’t matter if you hope to create an intimate fireplace or spacious patio, with the right planning, you can turn any idea into reality. You get to determine the stonework’s use and aesthetic look, and your experienced contractor will take care of the rest.

Don’t waste anymore time thinking about what your backyard could look like. If you are seeking quality stone design and installation, look no further than the experienced professionals at Green Machine Inc. (416-807-4033). We service the areas of Markham, Stouffville, Aurora, and Newmarket. Give us a call and transform your property today! 

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